Aritra Bose

I am a Research Staff Member in the Computational Genomics group at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY. I am also a visiting scientist at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. I completed my PhD in Computer Science from Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN under the guidance of Petros Drineas.

I work in the intersection of Genomics, Machine Learning and Algorithms. I'm broadly interested in both the theoretical and practical aspects of population genetics in light of mathematical and statistical foundations.

Prior to this, I completed MS in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. I grew up in Kolkata, the "City of joy" in India. I earned a BTech degree from the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, West Bengal University of Technology, Kolkata. Apart from this, I am an avid traveler and photographer. When I am not working, you will find me doing one of these things: planning trips, reading books, watching soccer or playing racquet sports.

Research Statement

My research revolves around making sense of complex, high dimensional population genetic datasets with respect to the following directions:

Apart from this, I am also interested in developing mathematical models for understanding the complex evolutionary scenarios such as natural selection, epistatic interactions, demographic factors which govern genetic variation resulting in differences between and within species.

Recent Publications


Agniva Chowdhury, Aritra Bose, Samson Zhou, David Woodruff, Petros Drineas A Fast, Provably Accurate Approximation Algorithm for Sparse Principal Component Analysis Reveals Human Genetic Variation Across the World, RECOMB (2021). (Equal Contribution)


Sanjoy Dey, Aritra Bose, Subrata Saha, Prithwish Chakraborty, Mohamed Ghalwash, Aldo Guzman Saenz, Filipp Ultro, NG Kenney, Jianying Hu, Laxmi Parida, Daby Sow, Filippo Utro, Daniel E. Platt, Laxmi Parida, Impact of Clinical and Genomic Factors on COVID-19 Disease Severity, AMIA (2021). (Equal Contribution)

Aritra Bose, Filippo Utro, Daniel E. Platt, Laxmi Parida, Multiple Loci Selection with Multi-way Epistasis in Coalescence with Recombinations, Algorithms (2021)

Aritra Bose, Daniel E. Platt, Laxmi Parida, Peristera Paschou, Petros Drineas, Integrating linguistics, social structure and geography to model gene flow in India, Molecular Biology and Evolution (2021)

Aritra Bose, Daniel E. Platt, Niina Haiminen, Laxmi Parida, Cumulant-based genotype-phenotype interaction networks in Parkinson's Disease , under review (2021)


Aritra Bose, Myson Burch, Agniva Chowdhury, Peristera Paschou, Petros Drineas CluStrat: a structure informed clustering strategy for population stratification , accepted in RECOMB (2020)


Aritra Bose, Vassilis Kalantzis, Eugenia Kontopoulou, Mai Elkady, Peristera Paschou, Petros Drineas, TeraPCA: a fast and scalable software package to study genetic variation in tera-scale genotypes, Bioinformatics (2019)


Aritra Bose, Daniel E. Platt, Laxmi Parida, Peristera Paschou, Petros Drineas, Dissecting Population Substructure in India via Correlation Optimization of Genetics and Geodemographics, bioRxiv (2017)

George Stamatoyannopoulos, Aritra Bose, Athanassios Teodasiadis, Fotis Tsetsos, Anna Plantiga, Nikoletta Psatha, Nikos Zogas, Evangelia Yannaki, Pierre Zalloua, Kenneth K Kidd, Brian L Browning, John Stamatoyannopoulos, Peristera Paschou, Petros Drineas, Genetics of the Peloponnesean populations and the theory of the extinction of the medieval Peloponnesean Greeks , European Journal of Human Genetics (2017).

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